Breastfeeding your baby can be frustrating, stressful and not the blissful experience that you hoped it would be!

Many mothers struggle to breastfeed successfully but expert guidance can help you overcome these challenges and turn breastfeeding into an enjoyable experience for you and your little one.


Did you know if your baby is less than 6 weeks you can get a rebate with Medicare?

We want to help you to be successful in your effort to breastfeed, you can provide bonding and nutrition by giving breastmilk to your baby.  Most mums have a desire to breastfeed, but fail due to a lack of support or education.  We can remove those barriers and help you have the birth and breastfeeding experience you desire.

Each breastfeeding relationship is different with its own individual challenges. Our experienced lactation consultant can provide you with personalised support based on up-to-date techniques in the most relaxed environment possible - your own home. Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery can assist with many breastfeeding issues, including:

  • early breastfeeding problems

  • low/abundant supply

  • painful attachment

  • nipple vasospasm

  • infant weight loss

  • engorgement

  • mastitis

  • blocked ducts

  • nipple shields

  • suppressing/introduction of formula

  • relactation

  • adoption/surrogacy/induced lactation

  • nipple/infant thrush

  • expression and storage of breast milk (including hand and pump expression)

  • returning to work

  • supplemental feeders

  • feeding multiples

  • breast reduction/enhancement

  • breast refusal

  • infant settling

  • mixed feeding

  • infant oral restriction assessment and referral (if required)

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