Mastitis is either inflammation or a bacterial infection of the breast tissue generally by milk stasis or not emptying the breast efficiently.

Often symptoms include, fever, shivers, achy body, a red swollen tender area on the breast(s) and feeling unwell similar to flu symptoms.  Mastitis can start with a missed feed, damaged nipples, inadequate drainage of the breast, blocked ducts and quickly progress if not dealt with and advice sought.  Some women have no symptoms until the infection is well upon them.

It is important to seek help from Adelaide Lactation Consultants or a doctor for assessment of symptoms.  Mastitis can be debilitating and traumatic for mothers.  Often symptoms can have a sudden onset.  If symptoms do not get better within 12 hours,  seek help which may include oral antibiotics to manage the infection.  This is the worst time to wean your baby as this can compound the problem and cause worsening symptoms.  Some mothers have been readmitted into hospital for intravenous antibiotics and rest because they were so unwell.

Please seek early help if your condition isn't improving from Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery.