Overview of our Services

In most instances, you will be visited in the comfort of your home by Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery within 24 hours.  Consultations by appointment between 8am and 6pm.  Some after-hours/weekend/public holiday appointments may be negotiated (additional fees apply). Packages and Gift Certificates are available which can be pre-purchased or given as a gift for baby showers.  There are many further options available online and our booking system makes scheduling an appointment easy!

Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery can assist you on your breastfeeding journey through either antenatal education regarding breastfeeding or a specialist appointment(s) once baby has arrived.  All breastfeeding education is up-to-date and relevant to your personal circumstances.  Click Here to read about our visits.  We can also provide specialist midwifery services throughout your pregnancy up to 6 weeks postpartum (not labour care).

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education (2 hour Consultation)   $150

These private one-on-one antenatal sessions help you to prepare for breastfeeding while you are still pregnant. They can be for first time mums-to-be or for subsequent children. If you are unable to get to the breastfeeding class at your birthing hospital due to other commitments such as work, then this consultation can be for you.  We tailor our session in accordance with the World Health Organisation and Baby Friendly Initiative.  The consultations consist of:

  • a thorough history and information relevant to your personal situation.

  • debrief / discussion of last breastfeeding experience (if relevant)

  • what to expect from your newborn baby

  • things you can do to get breastfeeding off to an excellent start

  • ways to overcome breastfeeding challenges if they arise.

  • relevant printed information

  • Priority booking for future appointments if problems are encountered once baby has arrived

  • Rebates applicable to eligible clients

Small Group Antenatal Breastfeeding Session (2 hours)   $80

These sessions are held regularly throughout the year, either on Wednesday evenings or Saturday afternoons. Small intimate, women only classes, tailored to you and what you want to know about breastfeeding.  Our classes focus on developing knowledge and confidence with breastfeeding.  Many breastfeeding classes at hospitals are filling quickly, this is a perfect opportunity to have a Lactation Consultant answer all of your antenatal breastfeeding questions.  These classes are a great opportunity to meet other mums dedicated to breastfeeding.  

They cover :

  • positioning and attachment,

  • how to tell your baby is getting enough milk

  • information on expressing and storage of milk antenatally

  • how milk supply works and

  • common problems/solutions

  • plus we will address any of your other breastfeeding questions.

The classes are presented through various learning principles such as DVD's, presentation, handouts, demonstrations plus time for lots of questions.  Discount toward postnatal services offered.  Maximum of 6 women per class.  

Breastfeeding education classes that focus solely on breastfeeding topics and breastfeeding support are incredibly empowering, having been found to enhance mothers' experiences right from the beginning, strongly contributing towards a successful breastfeeding journey.

HypnoMothering Session  (contact for prices)

Please contact Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery for details regarding this option.  The HypnoMothering website can provide additional details on how this technique may help you in your transition to motherhood.  We provide self hypnosis to help you release and let go of negative thought patterns that can be detrimental to your postnatal experience.  The different tools and techniques will help you to become deeply relaxed and focus on you and your baby and includes downloadable mp3 of album to help your journey to relaxation.


Individual Preparation for Birth Session (2 hours)  $150

Hospitals run antenatal classes covering topics such as pregnancy, labour, delivery and postnatal midwifery care with a very small breastfeeding component included in the session outline.

Adelaide Lactation Consultants and Midwifery complement general antenatal classes by offering breastfeeding content in detail as well as labour and birthing.  These classes are run by an experienced birthing midwife and lactation consultant.

This session is customised to your personal situation, covering all aspects of labour/birthing, optimal fetal positioning eg Rebozo techniques, lactation and breastfeeding immediately from birth, the early days and weeks at home with your newborn baby. 

Feedback from these classes has been that women felt incredibly empowered to tackle their birthing day and more able to have a gentle introduction to breastfeeding.

Initial Breastfeeding Consultation (1.5 hour consultation)  $120

Adelaide Lactation Consultants & Midwifery offers in-home individualised education and assistance tailored specifically for you.  Many breastfeeding problems can be addressed and corrected as listed previously.

A first breastfeeding consultation would include:

  • a comprehensive history, including your birth, breastfeeding and medical history as well as any other relevant information

  • assessment of your nipples, breasts/glandular tissue including the baby's behaviour at the breast

  • discussion of your current lactation concern(s)

  • observe your breastfeeding technique

  • newborn/infant assessment, including a weight (if requested) and oral assessment

  • discussion of findings with you and your support person(s)

  • a breastfeeding plan in consultation with you

  • Evidence based information/education to empower you

  • referral to other services or health care professionals as needed

  • Comprehensive email within 48hours outlining the appointment, discussions, links and plan of action

  • Follow-up phone-call if needed after the visit

  • Priority booking for future visits.

  • Medicare and/or Health fund rebates apply to eligible clients

Multiple Birth Breastfeeding Consultation (2 hour consultation)   $170

As listed above, including both children and longer consultation time

Health fund/Medicare rebates apply to eligible clients

Skype/Facetime Lactation Consultation   $100

  • Ideal for country, interstate or overseas clients

  • Support person or cameraman/woman to assist, so that you can hold baby without worrying about the camera angle

  • Consult as listed above for Initial Breastfeeding Consultation

  • Medicare/Health fund rebates apply to eligible clients

Private Midwifery Services  (please contact for fee schedule)

This an option to have your own private midwife who can provide personalised midwifery care to you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  Please enquire about care options. 

Medicare rebates apply to eligible clients