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My name is Megan Goodeve. I am a Registered Nurse, Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Medicare - Endorsed Midwife with over 20 years experience with newborn, premature and postnatal breastfeeding. I also hold a Certificate in Perinatal Mental Health as well as skills in acupressure, gentle myofascial release and a certified Hypnobirthing Australia (TM) and HypnoMothering Practitioner. My experience is in providing care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond supporting many new families to succeed in birthing through to early parenting.

I have worked in a variety of settings throughout Adelaide, including country, private and large metropolitan hospitals.   I have attained my notation as an Endorsed Midwife (entailing thousands of hours in midwifery care, a postgraduate university course and collaborative arrangements with obstetrician/GP’s), thus entitling me to provide a continuum of care to women during their pregnancy and post birth period with Medicare rebates available for these services.  I am also registered with several private health funds that allow midwifery/lactation services to be claimed (enquire with your health fund). 

As a privately practicing IBCLC and Midwife, I have membership with several professional bodies and I am professionally affiliated with the Australian College of Midwives as an active committee member and successful Midwifery Practice Review participant.  In keeping up to date with the latest clinical knowledge and skills, I attend in excess of 60 hours of professional development each year.  This includes attending local & interstate conferences, seminar presentations, speaking at events and committee membership attendance in all things related to pregnancy, breastfeeding and the early parenthood transition.

I have strong professional networks with medical and holistic colleagues from a variety of modalities such as paediatrics, obstetrics, acupuncture, chiropractor, physiotherapy, mental health and osteopathy.  

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I am married with one beautiful son – who was breastfed until 12 months of age when he self weaned.  My passion for supporting mothers and babies who are breastfeeding initially came from my own personal struggles and eventual success with breastfeeding. 

I was a midwife and IBCLC when I had my son, yet still with all that knowledge, skill and experience breastfeeding did not go to plan for me.  Pregnancy and the early days of parenthood can be a roller coaster of emotions from joy, amazing love, extreme tiredness to pure frustration and anger that things aren't going to "plan". I experienced a low milk supply, painful attachment due to a tongue tie, vasospasm of the nipples, endless expressing to boost my milk supply, medications to increase supply and another to decrease sensation/pain due to vasospasm, supplemental feeders...and the list goes on.  My voice was not heard by my paediatrician/neonatologist who brushed off my concerns regarding tongue tie.  I persevered, had it released, but still the issues continued.  If it wasn't for the support of my husband and sheer determination to breastfeed, I would have given up at the beginning!  I sought the assistance of two IBCLC colleagues who offered me help, guidance and support in those difficult weeks.  I am indebted to them for the support they provided for me, and I feel adamant that their help led to my eventual success in breastfeeding.

I realised through my journey of pregnancy and becoming a new parent, that there is a very big void of care on offer to families. The cookie cutter approach to care does not work for everyone. Pre-pregnancy planning, pregnancy support, coordinated care and postnatal support are very lacking for some families and should be available to all. We need families to thrive and feel comfortable, well equipped and at ease with their maternity choices. This was a significant reason why I chose to train with Hypnobirthing Australia. This course is empowering, fun to teach and eye-opening in how the mind can work to your advantage in achieving a successful and peaceful birth. The mind is a powerful instrument in birthing - sometimes more than the uterus itself! It also gives couples the tools and techniques to question their care givers and ask for evidence based care options.

Breastfeeding is difficult, it is a learned skill that takes time for both mother and baby to master.  I think that is very important for mothers to know.  Often there is no quick fix and we must persevere for it to work. Breastfeeding can take up to 12 weeks to 'work,'  that is a long time when you are tired,  it is painful, low milk supply or your baby is hungry and unsettled.   We are genetically designed to breastfeed our babies, however sometimes it is not as straightforward as…. mum…. breast…. baby = Successful, painless breastfeeding!

As an Endorsed midwife and IBCLC, I provide empathetic, nurturing, evidence-based breastfeeding support to parents and parents-to-be helping you reach your breastfeeding goals. Being listened to is the most valuable skill I can offer you.  Trusting your instincts. 

I am passionate about preparing families for breastfeeding and what they can expect from a breastfed newborn.  I understand that breastfeeding doesn’t always go to plan and I enjoy supporting mothers and babies with breastfeeding difficulties.  Breastfeeding success is often determined by the supports a mother has in place, from her partner, mother, mother-in-law, midwife, doctors and lactation consultants therefore it is important for us to have a trusting relationship where we have an open dialogue that makes you feel prepared and empowered.

I have helped many many mothers on a successful breastfeeding journey and will tailor information that works for you and your family.  The biggest recurring issue that I hear from families is the conflicting information around breastfeeding they receive.  Everyone's journey is different, each baby is different with their own individual personalities and needs that are unique and special to them.   I provide individualised care whereby I have taken the time to listen to you and your family, your challenges, your goals and we make it work for you.

During pregnancy, many mums-to-be only focus on their pending labour and birth.  Their experience is full of attendance at antenatal education classes, reading, internet searches and horror stories from friends, but often the "after" is not thought too much about.  Those first few days are filled with sleep deprivation and unexpected rapid learning for new parents.   The delivery of information to families that is consistent, accurate and up to date is by far the most beneficial for parents.  

I am also privileged to work with women throughout their pregnancy.  Providing support, in a nurturing, understanding and evidence- based manner to allow them to reach their birthing goals.  Unfortunately, I am unable to offer women the option of birthing with me either in hospital or home due to various reasons.  But I can provide them with the care throughout their pregnancy to ensure they are well equipped for their birthing day!  The importance of a known provider often takes the stress and worry out of birthing due to being well prepared and educated prior to labour.

I look forward to guiding you on your new journey throughout pregnancy and as parents, nurturing you and your breastfeeding relationship.